[Review] AirDroid is your all in one wireless sync Solution

If you’re in the market for an Android wireless sync system, or for a Motorola Webtop device, stop what you’re doing and check out AirDroid. I’ve been using AirDroid for a little over a week now and the app has already managed to change how I interact with my phone on a daily basis.
What is AirDroid? At its most basic, AirDroid is an app you install on your Android device that creates a unique address that you can connect to with a PC web browser, allowing you to manage and use your phone in a variety of ways. Connecting is very simple, just make sure both your phone and PC are on the same wireless network, and the app will automatically generate an address for your PC to connect to. While at first I thought I’d use AirDroid instead of my data cable, I quickly found myself using it for much more than a simple file transfer service.
Before I go any further I need to make something very clear, AirDroid’s browser component is very well put together. The experience is kind of like having a PC style desktop powered by Android. If you’re interested in the experience offered by Motorola’s Webtop docks I highly advise giving AirDroid a spin, for it includes much of the same functionality, if not more.
What sets AirDroid apart from other wireless sync systems are the wealth of features that go beyond file transferring. AirDroid allows you access to SMS, allowing you to send and receive text messages from you PC browser without ever looking at your phone, there are even desktop notifications for new and unread texts. Another standout is the clipboard feature, which essentially shares your PC clipboard with your phone, making copying and calling a quick phone number a breeze.
You may know that AirDroid allows for wireless transfer of music, photos, and documents, but it also lets you directly install and uninstall apps from your PC. Any apk file on your PC can be installed in seconds, and any unwanted apps already installed can be cleaned up with a few clicks.

AirDroid is an incredibly useful application. While testing I only came across one slight bug, in which my incoming texts would disappear then shortly reappear randomly. However, this is a very small complaint against a long list of killer features. It’s not often we come across apps that offer so much good for free.
Application: AirDroid
Developer: SAND STUDIO
Cost: FREE

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